Dependable Stretchers And Evacuation Chairs

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Some of the most vital equipment in a hospital is actually what your patient is lying or sitting on. Having comfortable, quality and well designed stretchers and evacuation chairs is vitally important, since the worst case scenario is that in moving a person you inadvertently make their condition worse. This is particularly true of stretchers. They have to be able to take multiple sizes of people from children to larger adults, all without causing the patient any harm.

Patient handling is an important issue that really cannot be overlooked. We have a selection of quality stretchers for all situations, including basket stretchers and folding stretchers. Folding stretchers are particularly useful since you can often store many of them at the same time making it easier to move multiple patients. Plastic basket stretchers are solid and designed for maximum support. They are also designed to be easy to lift in difficult situations and in particular, situations where access to the patient is difficult. This means that the stretcher should have rigidity and offer significant support to the patient, so as not to cause unnecessary bending.

Evacuation chairs are designed for confined areas which makes them great for indoor use inside aircraft, restaurants, hallways and lifts. The patient should also be offered the option of being strapped in to offer maximum security as they are being moved. The covers that come with the chairs should also be resistant to rot and fungus so as not to make them a hazard in themselves, particularly if they have been in storage for a long time.


Quality Stethoscopes And Thermometers

Posted by admin on January 25, 2012 at 12:30 pm. Filed under: Medical Equipment

Stethoscopes are some of the most recognisable medical equipment around but they do come in different varieties of manufacturer including ADC, Littmann and other brand. If you have a trusted brand, then you’ll be able to find it at Bound Tree medical. Stethoscopes are deployed in a number of different situations from diagnosing chest infections, to listening to bowel movements and they prove to be a vital piece of equipment for any doctor. However, sometimes they don’t come cheap, but with different varieties and makes available on our site, we are sure that you will find not only the make for you, but also the price that suits your budget. All of our stethoscopes are of an exceptional quality meaning that you can always rely on them to be there for you for years to come.

We also stock thermometers. These days thermometers come in several different formats. There are clinical thermometers, digital thermometers and single use thermometers. Clinical thermometers are relatively inexpensive and are designed to be easy to clean where they are listed as so. They are also designed to be easy to read, hygienic, and where listed, non-invasive. Ultimately, taking a reading with a clinical thermometers should only take you a matter of seconds. The Feverscan Forehead Clinical Thermometer is reusable and is ideal for use with small children and babies. Single use thermometers are a cost-effective way to take a temperature reading and our products are available in packs of 10, 100 and 1000.


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