Introduction to First Aid

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Although serious accidents and injuries may seem relatively infrequent in the course of an average working day, they are actually happening all of the time. Indeed, somewhere in the UK, an accident or incident is happening at this very moment.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of these events happen away from well-equipped medical facilities and fully-trained healthcare professionals; therefore the well-being of the casualty often lies in the hands of those around them.

These situations require the application of first aid.

What is first aid?
First aid is a term given to a collection of skills and techniques that can be used to help treat a wide range of injuries and medical conditions. A person who has received the necessary training and has been certified to carry out these techniques is known as a ‘first aider’. First aiders often need specialist first aid supplies to provide casualties with suitable treatment. Practically all of these supplies can be found in first aid kits.

What is in a first aid kit?
Although there are many different kits now available to suit a wide range of needs, a basic first aid kit will include: a range of bandages and dressings, nitrile gloves, sterile eye pads, gauze pads, wound closure strips, adhesive tape, scissors, swabs and emergency foil blankets.

To find out more about the application of first aid, as well as the importance of a well-stocked first aid kit; take some time to browse our pages here at Bound Tree Medical.


High Visibility Jackets for Emergency Healthcare Professionals

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Emergency healthcare professionals such as paramedics, first responders and ambulance staff are often required to work in potentially hazardous areas that can put their own well-being at risk. For example, the first ambulance or paramedic crews that arrive at a road traffic accident (RTA) can often be at risk from passing vehicles as they are obliged to act before the traffic can be controlled by police. Naturally, this can be even more perilous at night or in bad weather when visibility is significantly reduced.

It is for this reason that emergency healthcare professionals are issued with high visibility ambulance jackets. These indispensable jackets really are vitally important as they not only enable paramedic and ambulance crews to be clearly seen and identified; they also allow them to benefit from the hard wearing, weather-resistant and functional qualities they provide. This means that these hard-working and ultra-efficient professionals can carry out their vital tasks without fear of being injured or hindered in any way.

Here at Bound Tree Medical, we provide high visibility clothing options that have been specifically designed with emergency healthcare professionals in mind. For example, our 3-in-1 ambulance jacket is the perfect choice for ambulance and paramedic crews as it is not only highly reflective, hard-wearing and weatherproof; it also contains functional extras such as easy fastenings, pen holders and mobile phone pouches, too.

Browse our pages further to view our excellent high vis clothing options and medical supplies in greater detail.


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