Stocking Up on First Aid before Taking Trips to the Continent

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There are plenty of things to organise before heading off on vacations to the continent and one of the issues you have to concentrate on is making sure you have all the right items in your car to satisfy the legal demands of the countries you visit.

For example, if you intend to use the highways in France, there are a number of products you might need to stock up on and first aid supplies are among them. An article in the Daily Mail drew attention to this issue, stating: “A fire extinguisher and first aid kit could … be required in the case of an emergency so not to fall foul of a law about assisting in the event of an accident.”

Sticking to the rules

No doubt the last thing you want when you’re trying to enjoy your holiday is to experience run-ins with the law. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to read the information available concerning the driving rules in France before you head off on your trip.

Commenting on the issue of road use across the Channel, the AA’s head of road safety Andrew Howard said: “Driving requirements in France are now quite complicated and the list of things you need to take is beginning to be quite a substantial extra charge to a holiday.”

Changes to the rules

This issue is topical at the moment because of an imminent change to driving rules in the country. As of the beginning of July, drivers in France will be required to carry breathalysers in their vehicles. This is so they can test themselves to ensure they are under the drink-drive limit.

Motorists are advised to carry two so that if they have used one, they will still have an unopened example to show police.

Sourcing products over the web with ease

The good news is, when you’re on the lookout for products to help you comply with driving rules overseas, you shouldn’t struggle to get exactly what you’re after.

Here at Bound Tree Medical we offer a range of items that could be just what you need. For example, we sell superb value high visibility clothing that may come in useful. Also, our first aid kits can help to protect you while you’re off on your foreign adventures.

No need to break the bank

Meanwhile, thanks to our commitment to offering items that are superb value for money, you won’t have to break the bank in order to get your hands on them. This is great, as it should leave you with more money to spend on your vacation itself.

The important thing is making sure you leave yourself enough time to buy the products you need before you’re due to set off on your holiday. As long as you do this, you should find the process simple and stress free.

To find out more about what we have to offer and to peruse our online catalogue, just take a look round the rest of our website.


The Life-saving Potential of Defibrillators

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There are many items of first aid equipment available for organisations and individuals to buy and a considerable number of these play a vital role in helping to reduce suffering and in saving lives. One type of product that can have a particularly dramatic and immediate effect on people’s chances of survival is the defibrillator.

Indeed, your organisation may be keen to purchase equipment like this to have on standby in case of emergencies.

Near tragedy causes first aid rethink

Earlier this year, Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed mid-game to the horror of his fellow players and the spectators watching at the ground and on television. The 24-year-old had suffered a cardiac arrest during an FA Cup tie with Tottenham.

The sportsman was clinically dead for total of 78 minutes and needed a total of 15 defibrillator shocks. Defying the odds, he continues to recover.

In response to the incident, Stoke City Football Club is launching a project to install defibrillators across the city. The club intends to make money available from its community fund to ensure that more of these life-saving devices are made available.

Applying for funding

Interested parties, such as schools and leisure centres, will be able to apply for cash to help them purchase the items.

Commenting on the move, Stoke boss Tony Pulis said: “The Fabrice Muamba incident shocked us all, but it also highlighted the huge importance of having those life-saving skills close at hand.

“Fabrice owes his life to the incredible efforts of those who went to his aid and so we must do all we can to ensure those life-saving skills are more readily available. If there is some good to come out of this case, then it is that it has raised awareness and hopefully many people associated with the club will take this training.”

Meanwhile, the club’s head of community Adrian Hurst added: “We were committed to supporting this initiative before the unfortunate incident involving Muamba, but this has clearly given it even greater purpose in seeking to make a difference in these situations.

“In fact, it is only recently that two members of our Community team who have basic first aid training found themselves in a situation where they had to administer CPR treatment to someone who had suffered a cardiac arrest while attending one of our activities.”

The importance of first aid training

Of course, if your organisation is planning to get new defibrillators, it is vital that you ensure the relevant people have received all the training they need so that they’re able to operate the items effectively.

Thankfully, accessing training is now easier than ever, so you shouldn’t struggle to achieve this goal.

Meanwhile, when you’re on the lookout for defibrillators, first aid training equipment and other similar products, you can come here to us at Bound Tree Medical. We offer a range of superb items that might be just what you’re looking for.

To find out more about what we sell and to see whether we have just what you need, simply take a look around our website.


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