Having First Aid Kits on Standby

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There are plenty of scenarios in which first aid kits come in handy. Indeed, in some cases, their presence can be life saving. Wherever there are people, there is a risk that a medical emergency will arise. From accidents that cause broken bones to unexpected events like heart attacks, strokes and so on, there are a plethora of potential incidents.

Of course, in some circumstances, the likelihood that medical provisions will be needed is higher than in others.

Street Angels

For example, people can be particularly vulnerable to problems when they’ve been drinking alcohol. When individuals are drunk, they tend to lose their inhibitions and engage in more risk-taking behaviour. Also, they lose their coordination and, if they take it particularly far, they risk poisoning themselves or collapsing.

With this in mind, an initiative has been launched in Huddersfield to help consumers who are feeling the ill-effects of drink. Volunteers are giving up a few hours of their Friday and Saturday nights to provide assistance to revellers, the Huddersfield Examiner reports.

Dubbed Street Angels, these people wear luminous orange jackets and carry certain medical supplies.

Explaining the scheme

The organiser of this project is Dianne Hughes and she noted that team leaders carry walkie talkies and link up to CCTV operators to help ensure they’re in the right place at the right time.

She added: “We carry small first aid kits, bottles of water, biscuits, ‘sick bags’ and flip flops in case girls lose their shoes. Our route takes us around the town covering most of the town centre streets, where there is a lot of activity. There is a serious side to our work as sometimes we do have to help people who are really very much the worse for drink.”

Ms Hughes added: “We are usually briefed by the police at the start of the evening who tell us if there is anything going on in town that we ought to be aware of, areas of particular activity.”

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No One Should Suffer Due to First Aid Equipment Shortfalls

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The medical field is constantly developing and improving. The treatments and technology available to doctors, surgeons, paramedics and so on are forever gaining in sophistication. This is great news for people who need to rely on medical interventions for any reason.

Of course, if your organisation is to make the most of all these developments, it’s important that you source the best first aid equipment around.

Tireless campaigner

One man who’s fully aware of the importance of emergency equipment is first aider Marshall Jones. At the age of 77, he is still using his skills to help those in need, the Gloucestershire Echo reports.

The community first responder (CFR) has reacted to 1,200 emergency callouts during his 29,374 hours on duty and he has helped to save 14 lives. Speaking about the importance of training and supplies recently, he said that no one should lose their life because of shortcomings in medical responses.

Mr Jones remarked: “I get a huge amount out of being able to help people. No one should die from a lack of first aid and I am proud that I have been able to make a difference to so many people’s lives.”

High praise

Commending the volunteer, Kevin Dickens, who is a CFR manager for the ambulance service, said: “Marshall has responded to a significant number of incidents in his local community and many patients have benefited from his high standard of patient care.

“He is a dedicated member of the scheme and not only puts in many hours on duty, but he is vital in co-ordinating CFR members.”

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