The Importance of Medical Uniforms

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It is imperative that all medical staff wear the appropriate medical uniforms so both the public and the patient are aware of who they are at all times. Therefore, they can focus on the task at hand without interference from third parties.

Customised Clothing
Hi-visibility clothing is also a must for an array of emergency staff – such as paramedics and firemen – as it could ensure their safety in a range of difficult environments. Here at BoundTree Medical we can provide a diverse array of high visibility medical uniforms to suit different environments, climates and medical roles. We can also personalise a garment to suit a company’s requirements; for example, our ambulance clothing can be customised to state the occupation of the wearer, such as Community First Response, Nurse, EMT and more.

Comfortable Clothing and Boots
As well as providing the finest medical uniforms on the market, we can also supply an array of work boots that are both comfortable and durable. Comfort is incredibly important when it comes to medical uniforms, as it’s essential that staff can focus on the patient or setting and not on sore feet or restricting clothing. Therefore, opt for cosy, strong boots and breathable or warm work wear.

We can supply an array of work boots in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, as well as supplying a range of shoes, socks and tactical trainers.

Protective Equipment
The safety of your employees is just as important as the emergency victim’s wellbeing; therefore, you should ensure they are prepared for every setting by providing them with high quality helmets, protective knee pads, tactical gloves and more.

There may be times when a paramedic or fireman may have to enter arduous and dark environments. It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure they have received high quality, reliable equipment, such as a hardwearing helmet with a torch and torch holder.

High Quality Products
Here at BoundTree Medical we pride ourselves on being able to offer the highest quality medical equipment on the market, and are confident you’ll discover the perfect medical clothing when you browse our collections today. Our prices are also incredibly competitive with our industry rivals, and all our garments can be customised to suit the needs of your public or private medical organisation.

We have extensive experience in providing our dependable products to an array of medical establishments, and we promise to try to source a product for you if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website.

So, if you are looking for the finest medical supplies on the market, look no further than us here at Bound Tree Medical.


First Aid Kits for Music Festivals

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If you are someone who is into music in a big way, music festivals are likely to be the highlight of your year. Indeed, it doesn’t matter if you’re into the alternative vibe of Glastonbury, the family-friendly ethos of Camp Bestival, the commercial pop of ‘V’ or the hard rock pedigree of Reading and Leeds; you will surely know that nothing hits the mark quite like a really good music festival.

A large part of the joy of music festivals is that you don’t know what’s going to happen. This can be positive, such as  being privy to a secret gig, or it can be negative, such as getting blisters on your feet. However, being receptive to the good things and prepared for the not-so-good things will help to ensure you and your mates take everything in your stride.

Whilst the good things that happen at festivals normally take care of themselves, such as being in the right place at the right time; the bad things typically require you to do something to stop them being bad, such as putting plasters on blisters.

Generally speaking, most of the negative things that can happen to you at a festival are physical in nature; therefore, the best way to deal with them is to have a first aid kit handy. A first aid kit for a festival doesn’t have to anything too elaborate. Indeed, a grab bag of rudimentary first aid supplies, complemented with a few additional essentials will more than likely be enough to help you avoid the (often very long) queues at the festival first aid post.

So what kind of things should be in a festival first aid kit?

Well, plasters are perhaps the most obvious items to have in your kit. Whether you cut your finger putting up a tent, or develop blisters on your feet from walking all day, a good supply of plasters will help you out.

A liberal amount of antiseptic wipes are also invaluable at festivals. The main reason for this is that they can be used to clean dirt and mud off of cuts and grazes as well as function as handy cleaning options when you need to refresh your dirty face or grubby hands.

If you are lucky enough to have good weather then you will be out in the sun for hours on end. Therefore, UV protection sun cream, which you can get in sachets now, should also feature in your kit, as your weekend away will be difficult to enjoy with unbearable sunburn.

Eye wash is also an invaluable feature of festival first aid kits as it can help to soothe your tired, dry eyes and be used to irrigate any foreign bodies that may get stuck in them.

This list is by no means exhaustive; however, having the above items in your first aid kit will certainly help you and your pals to remember your festival for all the right reasons!


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