Evacuation Chairs For Patients

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Patient handling equipment is a vital part of any institution that is entrusted with a duty of care to its residents. Whether it is a hospital, residential home or other care facility, the correct equipment must be on hand for the patients who are depending on it. They need to be transported around the complex or in the event of an emergency, even evacuated from it. This puts various pressures on the equipment used in the building, with a great requirement for them to be secure, adaptable and easily moved across many different types of terrain including stairs and uneven ground. The most numerous type of equipment will most likely be chairs. In a hospital most of the people will only require a transport chairs to be moved, so it is important that you invest wisely.

One of the most recognisable transport and evacuation chairs is the Attendant Wheelchair. It is manufactured to exacting standards to be something that both you and the patient can feel entirely comfortable with. It can easily be loaded into the back of vehicles including cars and ambulances to transport. The handles on the back make it particularly easy for the operator to guide around while the material is made from a flame retardant substance for extra safety in an emergency. One of the issues with a piece of equipment like this is that it cannot easily scale stairs, however. Fortunately there are chairs especially built for the task. The TSC 10T Stair Chair has been specifically designed to allow access to stairs – something which is necessary when a fire means that lifts are inaccessible. This folding chair is easy to store and deploy and completely removes the need to carry equipment and patients downstairs. In an emergency it is easy to see how carrying could jeopardise everyone involved in the transportation of that patient. The friction braked tracks of this chair allow you to scale stairs easily and safely in a matter of minutes. It can even scale tight staircases due to its braked front swivel casters. The entire chair is built to last from high grade stainless steel.

Self-propelling wheelchairs are one of the most important medical supplies available. Giving a patient their own ability to get around can reduce the pressure on staff in general. Of course, these chairs can also be used to guide patients around the facility if they need it. The chair is made to be as durable as possible from high quality chrome-plated steel. The pneumatic wheels are a large 24 inches and sit below comfortable arm rests. This is a very comfortable chair that will be great for many different occupants weighing up to 140 kilograms.

Some chairs are designed for evacuation from very confined spaces like on aeroplanes. One such example is the folding Evacuation Chair which has two sets of handles so it can be operated either way up or even carried by two people. It is also great on boats and high rise buildings.


Tactical Equipment From Bound Tree Medical

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At Bound Tree Medical we are proud to be able to offer some of the best tactical gear alongside our first aid equipment. 5.11 Tactical are one of the world’s premier manufacturers of tactical clothing and equipment with a reputation for producing military-grade items that are used all over the world in law enforcement, firefighting, tactical and EMS. They have been specifically developed to offer performance in a multitude of conditions from harsh to temperate, while also not sacrificing essential manoeuvrability that could mean the difference between life and death.

Our range of 5.11 UK equipment is quite diverse and wide ranging. The precise gear you choose should however be decided by the sort of conditions you are likely to face. Putting the wrong tactical gear into a situation could have the opposite of the intended effect, so it is always important to have as complete a knowledge of the situation as possible. Of course, the more equipment you have the more you can use your own judgement and provide your officers with equipment that is proven in action.

Tactical Vests

The Taclite Pro Vest has been developed for law enforcement officers and the military alike. It makes use of Taclite fabric which is lighter weight than previous materials. It is also breathable and offers great manoeuvrability for the wearer. It is built to store as discreetly as possible with 17 pockets in total for handguns and accessories. All in all it can accommodate phones, AR mags, binoculars and sidearms. It offers versatility for those officers who know that carrying a gun in their visible holster is not always practical.

This is in contrast to the VTAC LBE Tactical Vest. It is designed to bear heavy loads for special operations. The mesh has been stiffened to provide a durable platform for all of your gear that isn’t going to let you down in the heat of the moment. Like the Pro Vest, this has hidden document pockets but this builds in a hydration pocket. Despite being designed for tactical situations, the vest is versatile enough to be adapted for many different situations.

The TacTec Chest Rig is designed as a vest to carry up to six magazines internally while the outer compartments can be converted to carry 500ml bottles while also boasting bungee hardware.

Tactical Gloves

The HardTime Gloves from 5.11 are a product of what operatives in the field have been calling for. The Kevlar® at the knuckles provides reinforcement where you need it most while not impairing the dexterity of your most valuable assets – your hands. The all important flex of the hard knuckles ensures freedom of movement so you receive protection that works with your abilities.

The Screen Ops Duty gloves have been created for patrol officers who desire a longer cuff. They aim not to impair operative’s ability to use touch screen devices and weapons, while also being a great option for driving. These are a great all round option for pat downs as well, providing detailed sensation.


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