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At Bound Tree Medical we have a diverse range of ambulance clothing and accessories, everything you need to ensure that your staff are fully prepared. One of the most instantly recognisable elements that ambulance staff must wear is the high visibility jacket. It serves the primary purpose of making the emergency personnel visible whether this be to those who are in need of attention or in the darkness of a motorway or road. Our jackets come in a range of sizes from small to extra large, each with detailed measurements showing exactly what size you can expect. Ill-fitting clothes can be a hindrance in an emergency situation, so it is always important to be comfortable with plenty of freedom for movement. The Hi-Vis Ambulance Bomber Jacket must have EN471 Class 3 Reflexite Striping to ensure that lights reflect, making the wearer visible to drivers or searchers. As you would expect, a jacket like this is designed to be waterproof, keeping the wearer in the best condition to operate in difficult conditions. The Bonadex Waist Band, elasticated storm cuffs, zipped, waterproof pockets and fully taped seams all work to keep the wind and rain out.

Conditions are variable, which means that ambulance uniforms must be variable as well. The Hi-Vis Waistcoat builds on much of the success of the bomber jacket, but in a cut down form that is comfortable to wear when conditions don’t necessitate something as bulky. The short-sleeved design is intended to make it easy for you to work quickly. Of course, you might always encounter very cold temperatures, but this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your staff’s protection or their comfort. The Hi-Vis Safety Fleece again makes use of the same reflective striping to ensure safety while also being extremely warm. They allow a fantastic degree of manoeuvrability enabling the wearer to get to work quickly and effectively.

Medical equipment for ambulance service people doesn’t stop at jackets. The One Piece Ambulance Coverall is a staple of the service, designed to keep the wearer comfortable and operating to maximum efficiency. With elasticated cuffs and waistbands and striping on the arms and legs, it has everything necessary to ensure safe, effective working, even if you have to sacrifice a jacket. Having maximum manoeuvrability is very important when working in strained conditions to provide emergency assistance. Without the best equipment like this, those extra seconds that could save someone’s life could be lost. Underestimating the impact of clothing like this can really have a knock-on effect that is devastating for all concerned.

Ambulance equipment also extends to other types of gear including Ambulance helmets. The Pacific A7A, for instance, is a great example of another piece of hi-vis kit, perfect for working on the roads or in dark areas where medical personnel need to be seen. The Kevlar® is lightweight and easy to work in while providing protection from numerous potential threats to the head. It could prove all of the difference when entering those harsh environments to rescue.


Hi-vis Clothing can Play a Crucial Role

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There are lots of items of personal protective gear for workers to use these days, including tactical footwear and gloves, helmets, knee pads and much more. Also, high visibility work wear plays a crucial safety role in a number of industries.

By donning clothes like this, individuals can help ensure that people are aware of their presence.

Absolutely necessary

One woman who appreciates the significance of these products is chair of the Health and Safety Executive Judith Hackitt. Recently, she noted that there is “no doubt that in some jobs high visibility coats or tabards are absolutely necessary and can genuinely be life saving.”

Highlighting this, she added: “On a busy factory floor, for example, where there are people and vehicles in close proximity; at the roadside, when the workplace can be inches from traffic; on railways where you need to see a crew from a mile away to slow a train.”


Meanwhile, she also pointed out that there has been a rise in the popularity of garments like this and they are now regarded by many as “cool” fashion items. While she warned against overuse of the items, noting that this could mean they lose their impact, she also suggested this trend has its “upsides”.

About this, Ms Judith Hackitt remarked: “It will help to remove some of the cynicism and reluctance among those who really need to wear them in high risk workplaces.”

Concluding, the expert added: “People don’t have to love ‘hi vis’. But we all need to be able to distinguish when it is necessary and when it is not.”

Your one stop shop

Here at Bound Tree Medical, we’re well aware of the huge importance of effective hi-vis clothing and we provide an impressive selection of goods that might be ideal for your organisation. Whether you’re after trousers, jackets, fleeces, long or short sleeved waistcoats or anything else, we should be able to help.

Many of these products are equipped to carry reflective badges, as well as having standard epaulette attachments.

Free delivery

You might be pleased to note that all items of hi-vis clothing are entitled to free delivery within the UK. If you’re trying to keep your spending to a minimum, great deals like this could be a welcome relief.

Other clothing

We also offer a range of other clothes that may interest you. For example, we sell a large selection of branded clothing, including 5.11 products and BlackHawk, Galls and Magnum items. From underwear and socks to boots, shirts and tactical trousers, we have it all.

Quick and easy

The great thing about coming here to buy clothing, medical equipment and other items is the fact that the process is so quick and easy. Even if you’re in a rush, you won’t struggle to purchase the products you’re after. Then, once you’ve placed your order, all you have to do is sit back and await their delivery.

To see our full selection of items, just take a look around the rest of our website.


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