Preparing for Medical School

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Whether you’re a student, a soon to be student or a teacher in the medical field, you’ll be buying a lot of textbooks with the most up-to-date information, studies and techniques. Perhaps you’re looking to specialise in a particular field and want to do some extra reading to gain extra knowledge to get that edge over the competition. We can all agree that whoever you are, buying medical textbooks can be pretty pricey, especially if you’re looking to invest in every book on the reading list and more besides. However, this isn’t the case if you buy from us.

Before starting a medical degree, you should get some background reading done, whether you have your reading list yet or not. An anatomy book is a good start to become familiar with the many hundreds of names and functions of the body. A medical degree isn’t easy, so any extra time you have to gain that little bit more knowledge will pay off in the long run. Stocking up on books can be pretty expensive, not to mention all the other things that come with starting university and probably moving away from home for the first time. All the hospital equipment you will need will be provided to you either in the university or the hospital placement, but you will need your own stethoscope. Your stethoscope will be with you throughout your medical career so you should pick wisely.

Littman stethoscopes are popular with doctors and nurses alike as they are of extremely high quality and come in a range of styles and colours, from paediatric, infant and adult to lightweight and electronic ones. When choosing a stethoscope, you should choose one which suits you, one which you find comfortable to wear and is of high quality. It can be expensive to buy a stethoscope but see it as investment in your future.

Once you’re into your learning, and you have done some theory and practical based lessons, DVDs and CDs can be excellent training tools, as it provides a more interactive medium, especially for those drier topics which can be tough to get through in a textbook. DVDs are a great visual medium to show procedures and decision making in real time, giving the viewer a much more real life experience. Seeing a DVD such as Trauma Care, a student can almost ‘play along’ with it putting into practice what they have learned from books and practical experience.

Medical textbooks aren’t just for the medical student, they can be used by anyone who has an interest in medicine. Nurses and other practitioners can also find the books useful, especially if they are specialising in one particular area such as paediatrics, trauma or diabetes to name but a few. Plus every medical professional should have an anatomy book as part of their collection!

It can become expensive when studying with buying books and other gadgets, especially as books can go out of date quickly as new research and practices are published, but by shopping smartly, you can save yourself a lot of money on the essentials.


When it Comes to First Aid, Knowledge is Key

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We all know the importance of being prepared, particularly when it comes to business, and one of the most vital areas of consideration will be the health and safety of your employees. First aid should be at the top of the agenda, but as with so many things in life knowledge is key.

Develop an understanding

As an employer you need to make sure you understand your wider obligations, and that means thoroughly perusing (and taking on board) all applicable health and safety legislation is vital. It’s important you’re able to meet your legal requirements but you want to make sure you’re putting the care of your employees first too, and unless you know the basic rules and regulations you’ll never be quite sure that you’re doing the right thing. Developing an understanding is vital, but remember that it’s important for your employees to understand their own obligations too.

Yes, you’re ultimately responsible for the health of your workers but a bit of knowledge and common sense can go a long way, and they need to be aware of the first aid procedures in place as well as the steps they can take to reduce risk to themselves and their colleagues as much as possible. It’s all about working together to ensure you provide a safe, productive and enjoyable place in which to work, and if everyone understands the basics of first aid provision (and health and safety in general) you’ll be one step closer to achieving that.

Get suitable training

Training will of course be a core part of ensuring everyone has suitable knowledge, but the type of training required will depend on a whole range of different aspects from the size of your business to the industry you operate in. But, one of the most important points you need to bear in mind is that your appointed person should always have the required level of training—there needs to be at least one member of staff who’s been on appropriate first aid courses, thereby ensuring you’re meeting your legal requirements whilst improving the safety of your workplace in the process. You don’t have to stop there though—just about every employee could benefit from a basic overview in first aid, with health and safety awareness often being a core part of any new starter’s training package.

Find the supplies you need

But, knowledge of the medical supplies you’ll need will be just as important. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to equipment it’s important to be prepared, and if you’re looking for the supplies to suit you’ve come to the right place. We can give you access to all the equipment you could need from basic kits to IV supplies, and we can even provide medical textbooks should you want more specific understanding. They say that knowledge is power, so make sure you have a thorough overview of first aid and you can be confident in doing the best you can for your business.


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