O2-RESQ Now Available from Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd

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Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd, a leading supplier of first aid equipment, hospital and medical supplies, announce that the O2-RESQ disposable CPAP system with three-set valve is now available from their online store.


Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality medical supplies in the industry, and the new 02-RESQ disposable CPAP with three set valve is no exception. This product is ideal for use as an emergency responder and reduces the chance of cross contamination.


The CPAP is designed for use on spontaneously breathing patients who are awake, who can maintain an open airway and are also not suffering from a major chest trauma. The CPAP opens airways that are at a risk of collapse, reduces diaphragm stress and increases the lung capacity. Therefore, it is ideal for patients suffering from pneumonia, a severe asthma attack, COPD, CHF, and for moving bariatric patients. The disposable system can also be left with patients in the ED when paramedics are required to attend to other emergency calls.


A spokesperson for Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd commented: “We are delighted to provide our customers with high quality O2-RESQ disposable CPAP systems which now include a unique three set valve. It also contains adjustable pressure settings of 5.0, 7.5 and 10.0cm which do not require a manometer, and the product is available in large adult and medium adult sizes. Therefore, it is an ideal airway system for a range of medical establishments.”



ThoraQuik™ Now Available from Bound Tree Medical Europe

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Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd, a leading supplier of first aid equipment, hospital and medical supplies, has added the new ThoraQuik™ Chest Decompression Device to its extensive range.


The ThoraQuik™ is a simple and complete solution for treating suspected pneumothorax, in which case a quick response is central to improving the patient’s condition. The traditional method of treating pneumothorax is to use a large bore cannula or needle, which is suitable, but using the wrong size or product can lead to unnecessary difficulties. ThoraQuik™ is designed to avoid these problems, providing users with a safe and dependable way to treat pneumothorax.


ThoraQuik™ boasts various innovative features within its construction which aid treatment, including an incorporated one-way valve which allows air and fluid to pass out of the catheter without air entering the pleural cavity, as well as an ergonomic hub to limit the risk of catheter dislodgement and an adhesive underside to secure the device to the patient for greater stability.


“The ThoraQuik™ Chest Compression Device is a unique creation which is sure to make a considerable improvement to treating suspected pneumothorax,” a spokesperson for Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd said. “With its large gauge cannula and atraumatic needle tip, the device allows for patients to be treated in a safer and more reliable way than ever before. This is one of the most innovative products to be added to our collection, and will ensure greater treatment for many patients the world over.”


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