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Anyone who provides emergency medical treatment or care needs to undergo training and re-training at several points throughout their career in order to make sure their skills and knowledge are up-to-date and fresh. All workers in this domain need to be able to operate equipment correctly and safely, as well as have a thorough knowledge of the procedures that can be used to save a person’s life.

As well as supplying all the first aid supplies that could be needed for a medical emergency, we also hold a large selection of training equipment which can be used during emergency care training courses, because we understand that the best way to learn something is through practice. We stock full size anatomical models, which can help trainees learn about the outside of the body as well as the inner organs. The model is fully dissectible, meaning that each part can be taken out or off to fully learn about that organ or area and provide a 3D example.

We also hold a number of training manikins, including those for adult and infant CPR, as well as a number of manikins at different potential ‘human’ weights, which can be used to simulate different rescue situations, such as from a tunnel or building collapse, a fire hazard, or other confined or hazardous space. These manikins are life-size and have fully articulated joints, as well as a realistic weight distribution based on human weight to make any rescue simulation as authentic as possible.


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