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Sutures & Suture Removal

With a range of procedure and suture packs along with individual sutures and closing strips MedTree supplies all that is need for placing or removing sutures. All of MedTree's sutures are available in multiple sizes and quantities to accommodate all orders and needs.

Placing orders for the suture and sutra removal kits through MedTree's website entitles users to free delivery within the UK.

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Procedure Packs
Procedure Packs
Suture Packs
Suture Packs
Wound Closure Strips
Wound Closure Strips
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MERSILK BLACK W1618T Suture - Size 2 - 5/0 - 45cm
MERSILK BLACK W328 Suture - Size 2 - 3/0 - 45cm
MERSILK BLACK W500 Suture - Size 1 - 5/0 - 75cm
MERSILK BLACK W529 Suture - Size 7 - 6/0 - 45cm
MERSILK BLACK W536 Suture - Size 1.5 - 4/0 - 45cm
MERSILK BLACK W791 Suture - Size 3 - 2/0 - 100cm
MERSILK BLACK W792 Suture - Size 3.5 - 0 - 100cm
Sterile Basic Procedure Pack - Large (Pack of 72)
Sterile Basic Procedure Pack - Large (Single)
Sterile Basic Procedure Pack - Medium (Pack of 72)
Sterile Basic Procedure Pack - Medium (Single)
Sterile Suture Pack
Sterile Suture Pack
Sterile Suture Removal Pack
Wound Closure Strips (3mm x 75mm)
Wound Closure Strips (6mm x 75mm)
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