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I.V. Cannula

Bound Tree Medical supply a wide selection of I.V. cannulas including brand names Accuvance and Venflon. The available I.V. cannulas are disposable, individually wrapped and sterilised, they are available in a wide selection of sizes from 14ga through to 22ga, each one with a designated colour for easy identification.

All internet orders for I.V. cannulas are eligible for free delivery within the UK.

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Accuvance 2 Safety Catheter - 14ga (Box of 50)
Accuvance 2 Safety Catheter - 16ga (Box of 50)
Accuvance 2 Safety Catheter - 18ga (Box of 50)
Accuvance 2 Safety Catheter - 20ga (Box of 50)
Accuvance 2 Safety Catheter - 22ga (Box of 50)
Ported I.V. Cannula - 14ga (Brown)
Ported I.V. Cannula - 16ga (Grey)
Ported I.V. Cannula - 18ga (Green)
Ported I.V. Cannula - 20ga (Pink)
Ported I.V. Cannula - 22ga (Blue)
Venflon I.V. Cannula - 14ga (Brown)
Venflon I.V. Cannula - 16ga (Grey)
Venflon I.V. Cannula - 17ga (White)
Venflon I.V. Cannula - 18ga (Green)
Venflon I.V. Cannula - 20ga (Pink)
Venflon I.V. Cannula - 22ga (Blue)
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