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StatPacks is a manufacturer that is always changing the way Emergency Clinicians think about carrying their gear. The designs are intelligent and are of a high quality ergnomically. MedTree provide a wide extensive selection of StatPacks products. In a range of over 40 products including the StatPacks g1 Backup/Bolus/Breather/Load'N'Go/Stealth and the StatPacks G2 Airway Cell/Clinician/I.V.Cell/Tidal Volume and more, we hope to meet all the consumers needs.

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StatPacks G1 Backup
StatPacks G1 Backup
5 out of 5 Stars!
StatPacks G1 Backup - Antibacterial (Red)
StatPacks G1 Bolus (Red)
StatPacks G1 Breather
StatPacks G1 Code 7
StatPacks G1 Code 7
4 out of 5 Stars!
StatPacks G1 Drug Module
StatPacks G1 Elevate Waistpack
StatPacks G1 Foldaway Pharmacy Module
StatPacks G1 Golden Hour
StatPacks G1 I.V. Module
StatPacks G1 Load 'N' Go
StatPacks G1 Load 'N' Go - Antibacterial (Red)
StatPacks G1 MCI Vest
StatPacks G1 Medslinger
StatPacks G1 Oxygen Module
StatPacks G1 Perfusion
StatPacks G1 Perfusion
5 out of 5 Stars!
StatPacks G1 Perfusion - Antibacterial (Red)
StatPacks G1 QuickLook AED (Red)
StatPacks G1 QuickRoll Intubation Kit
StatPacks G1 Small Universal Module
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