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From anatomical charts, models and skeletons through to training manikins, moulage kits and simulation wounds MedTree supply an extensive raining of training medical equipment for all purposes. Amongst the training equipment are a number of popular brands such as Act+Fast, Laerdal, Prestan and Simulaids.

Order any of the training equipment through MedTree's website and receive free delivery within the UK.

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Anatomical Charts
Anatomical Charts
Models / Skeletons
Models / Skeletons
Moulage / Simulation
Moulage / Simulation
Training Aids
Training Aids
Training Manikins
Training Manikins
Training Manikin Accessories
Training Manikin Accessories
Other Training Equipment
Other Training Equipment
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Non Bleeding Moulage (Jaw Wound)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Large Fracture)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Large Laceration - 5cm)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Medium Laceration - 3cm)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Open Head Wound)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Perforated Wound)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Phosphorous Burn of the Hand)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Sepsis Wound - Large)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Sepsis Wound - Small)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Small Flesh Wound)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Small Fracture)
Non Bleeding Moulage (Trench Foot)
OptiLube Lubricating Jelly (42g Tube)
Practi-CRM Wrist Monitor
Practi-CRM Wrist Monitor (Pack of 4)
Practi-MAN Training Manikin Face Skin (Pack of 8)
Practi-MAN Training Manikin Lungs (Pack of 24)
Practi-MAN Training Manikin One-Way Valves (Pack of 8)
Practi-MAN Training Manikin Torso Skin (Pack of 4)
Prestan Face Shield Lung Bags - Pack of 50 (Adult)
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