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If you can't find the exactly what you are looking for in this section please call or email us and a customer service representative will be happy to help you.


Our website has been designed into the following sections:

- Header Bar

- Category / Brand Navigation

- Shopping Cart

- Footer Bar

Header Bar

At the top of each page you visit on our website, our header bar will be there featuring various links that we think you will need the most.

Use this button to return to our home page (you can click our logo too!)

Log In / Log Off:
Use this button to log into your account. When you are logged in, use this button to log off.

This button will take you to your account page. Here you can edit your account information, change your password, modify your address book entries, view your order history and download any available downloads.

Shopping Cart:
Use this button to view and edit what is in your shopping cart. A smaller, more condensed version of your shopping cart will appear each time you add a product to your cart expanding from this area.

When you have finished adding items to your shopping cart, use this button to start the checkout process.

Search Engine:
Our search engine will feature at the top of each page you visit. Use this to search for keywords such as "straps" or "first aid kit". The standard search will search all product names, if you can't quite find what you are looking for, you can expand your search criteria by ticking the "Search in product descriptions" or "Search in product model" boxes and this will expand your search criteria to look through all product names and descriptions.

Have our product code?
If you know what product code you are looking for you can also search for this using the search engine.

Category / Brand Navigation

At the top of each page you visit on our website, you will see our "Shop by Departent" mega-menu. This menu has been designed to make finding the product you are looking for as easy as possible.

We have 16 main categories of products as well as our clearance section. When you hover over each section with your mouse you will start to navigate the products within each category. Each of these categories have been broken down into sub-categories to try and make finding the product as easy as possible for you. When you enter a main category, you will notice the sub-categories listed in the main centre section of the website each with it's own image. If you click on a category you will then be able to browse the products in that section and a menu will also appear in the left hand column of the website.

If you know the brand or manufacturer of the product you are looking for you can try searching for it using this drop-down menu which features 80 of our key brands and manufacturers. If what you are looking for isn't in the list, try searching for it using our search engine. 

Best Sellers:
Use this section of our website to find our most popular items quickly and easily.

Special Offers:
Browse our items on special offer by visiting this area of our website. 

Shopping Cart

While you are shopping and browsing a website, it is important to keep track of what you are adding to your shopping cart. For this reason, each time you add a product to your shopping cart you will see it add to your cart at the top of the page with your shopping cart expanding. You can click on each product in your cart to take you back to the product page if you wish and it also shows a sub-total of what is currently in your basket. You will also be able to see the stock availability of the items you are ordering and if they are out of stock an estimated date of despatch will be provided.


Footer Bar

The footer bar on our website contains various "quick links" and features at the bottom of each page you visit on our website. The links are broken down into 4 sections:

This contains links to various pages that will tell you about Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd including About Us, Terms & Conditions, Delivery Options and Returns Policy.

Customer Service:
This contains links to various pages designed to help you while shopping with us including Contact Us, Ask an Expert and FAQ's.

Join Us:
This contains links to our social media groups including Facebook and Twitter as well as links to join our Bound Tree Rewards Club and E-Newsletter.

Featured Brands:
This contains links to our most popular brands including 5.11 Tactical, Laerdal and StatPacks. 

Product View

The product view layout has been designed to into 4 areas.

Includes the product image, additional images, price, model, manufacturer (if applicable) and average rating. It also features the "Add to Cart" button and any options that are required for a product such as colour or size as well as the stock availability of that item.

The description section includes the full description for the product and also any videos or downloads links (pdf's etc.)

Enables you to leave or view reviews for the product.

Related Products:
Features thumbnails and descriptions for any related products to the product you are currently viewing.

Checkout Procedure

Once you have added all your products to your shopping basket, you will then have to proceed through our checkout procedure to complete your order. Upon clicking "Checkout" you will go through the following steps:

  1. Checkout Options
    Here you will either log in (if you haven't done already), create a new account or choose to checkout out a s a "guest".

  2. Account & Billing Details
    Here you will choose a billing / payment address for your order. You can choose from an address already in your address book or you can add a new address. You will also need to select a payment method for your order.

  3. Delivery Details
    Here you will choose a delivery address for your order if it is different to your payment address. If you have selected to use the same address as your payment address you will automatically be taken to step 4.

  4. Delivery Method
    Here you will choose the method of delivery that you would like to apply to your order. If you have any special comments about your order (such as delivery instructions) you can enter them in the comments box in this step.

  5. Confirm Order
    A final confirmation of all the details on your order will be shown before you are forwarded to complete payment. When you are happy with your order click "Proceed to Payment" and complete the payment process.

  6. Order Complete
    When payment has been processed, you will be forwarded back to a confirmation page on website and you will also receive a confirmation email of your order.





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