Practi-Seal Original Practice Chest Seal - Single Pack (Red)
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Practi-Seal Original Practice Chest Seal - Single Pack (Red)

Practi-Seal Original Practice Chest Seal - Single Pack (Red) is a training only device developed to simulate medical chest seal placement in the mock treatment of sucking chest wounds. Packaged in a peel-open pouch, the Practi-Seal allows for realistic si...

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Train Like It's Real...

Practi-Seal is the comfortable and cost-effective training solution for mastering the placement of medical chest seals.

"Because the first time you open a chest seal shouldn't be when you're looking at a bullet wound"

Practi-Seal Practice Chest Seals were awarded the JEMS Hot Product 2012 award at the EMS Today Conference 2012

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Key features of Practi-Seal:

  • Simulates medical chest seal placement in the mock treatment of sucking chest wounds
  • 1 practice chest seal per pack
  • Cost effective
  • Peel open pack allows realistic training scenario for those that have peel open medical chest seals
  • Single use on skin
  • Reusable on manikins (limited reuse)
  • Low adhesion to minimise discomfort when removed
  • Minimises hair loss
  • 3 pull tabs for mock venting and easy removal
  • The Practi-Seal is a training only device and is not for medical application

In today’s increasingly precarious world, medical chest seals are an essential part of any trauma first response kit. Chest seals are simple medical devices used to treat gunshot wounds and other forms of penetrating chest trauma. The use of these devices requires both familiarity and muscle memory when they are used under stressful, or hostile circumstances. Though commonly carried and employed in live EMS, tactical and combat activations, actual medical seals are frequently underutilised during training, due to cost and the discomfort upon removal from hair covered skin.

Find out more about chest seals and sucking chest wounds
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The Practi-Seal has been designed to promote the use of medical chest seals and familiarise EMS, Military and Law Enforcement personnel with the indications and use of medical chest seals in the setting of training. This device is both INEXPENSIVE and EASY TO REMOVE from even densely hair covered skin with minimal or no discomfort. Made in the U.S.A. from high quality, latex free, medical grade materials.

  • The Practi-Seal Practice Chest Seal is a training only device developed to simulate medical chest seal placement in the mock treatment of sucking chest wounds
  • Latex-free and designed with trainee comfort in mind, the Practi-Seal can be applied to intact skin and removed easily with minimal discomfort and depilation (hair loss)
  • The tabs on the device allow for practice of porting: a procedure used with non-vented chest seals
  • The central hole prevents the use of the Practi-Seal as a medical device and reminds trainee's to center the device to a mock bullet wound
  • Designed for single use on skin
  • Though reusable on manikins, Practi-Seal is not engineered for extended use on synthetic surfaces like manikins and other synthetic demonstration substrates
  • Packaged in a peel-open pouch, the Practi-Seal allows for realistic simulation of peel-open chest seal products
  • Practi-Seal products are the clear choice to maximise your training budget

The Truth Hurts...

The arm on the left had a medical chest seal placed and removed (note the complete loss of hair). The arm on the right with a watch had a Practi-Seal placed and removed resulting in no hair loss.

Practi-Seal practice chest seals are available in 2 different pack sizes. This model is:

Practi-Seal Original Practice Chest Seal
Single Pack (Peel Open)

Practi-Seal and Simu-Seal are packaged in one or two packs to optimise your training experience. If the medical seal you carry is in a peel-open pack then this single pack practice chest seal is right for you however, if you have a tear-open chest seal then the pack of 2 practice chest seals will provide a more rewarding and realistic training experience. 


This product is manufactured and sold as a non-medical device intended for training use only. This product is engineered for application to skin but it is not intended for medical use, live tissue use, or for extended use on manikins.

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