Weil Mini Chest Compressor

The Challenge:
A sudden cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival decreases 10% for every minute they fail to receive quality continuous chest compressions.*
However, administering consistent manual chest compressions at the AHA’s recommended rate of at least 100/ min, with minimal interruptions, can be challenging for healthcare providers to maintain beyond two minutes.

The Weil™ Mini Chest Compressor is a compact CPR device that delivers consistent chest compressions (rate and depth). It is secured directly to the chest by a wide belt called a Torso Restraint which wraps around the patient.

This patented system produces and contains compression force unique to its design, which improves hemodynamic efficacy with less compression depth, increasing the success of CPR. The unique function of the WeilTM Mini causes less injury to the chest when compared to other mechanical devices.

  • Patented Mechanical CPR System 
  • No Backboard Required 
  • Compact Size and Light Weight 
  • Intuitive, Easy to Use, No Buttons or Complicated Programming 
  • Takes up Little Space for Storage 
  • Weighs Only 4.4 Pounds 
  • No Batteries to Charge or Maintain 
  • Very Little Training Required of Personnel 
  • 10 Second Deployment Minimizes CPR Interruptions 
  • Low Cost of Ownership Compared to Competitive Products 

The Weil Mini Chest Compressor is coming soon...

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